Why Do We Need The Kitchen Island Designs With Seating

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Have you ever throw a dinner party in the kitchen or attend one? It is quite common to have one of those parties in the kitchens. It seems like people are somehow attracted to linger in the kitchen most of the time. In addition, it has also become the center of the social activities for the whole family member. To be able to accommodate all those guests and family, it would be best to add the kitchen island designs with seating.

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The kitchen island ideas may take soma space from the kitchen, but it will be the space well spent, if you can afford it. One of the biggest mistakes that homeowners do when they went shopping for kitchen island seats would be to love something that does not match the island. Therefore, before going on the shopping spree, the homeowner should take the perfect measurement first and to keep in mind that the seats should be 12 inches of clear knee space underneath the countertop at the very least.

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There are some things that you need to know about the kitchen island designs with seating. The average height of the standard bar stools would fit to the high breakfast bars with 42 to 46 inch. However, the counter stools would be a different story with the ideally 36 inch high island.

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