Two Types Of Home Garden Design

Home garden design is a design to make a home garden whether it is indoor or outdoor. Home garden has been popular this year because it makes your house looks green and natural. The concept of home garden is make a garden around of your house. You can plant some flowers or maybe another plant just like what you want. When you start to plant, you should know what it looks like. That is why you have to know about the design first. However, there are two best designs of home garden for indoor and outdoor.

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First design is indoor home garden. As you know there are many rooms inside of your house, and you should choose where the room is. Normally, people make a garden inside of the house in patio. Since it is a garden inside of your house, you should not make it dense. Just plant some simple flowers like rose or cactus. Then, you can add some plants to make it look like a mini garden inside your house. Home garden design should be suitable with space. So, you have to think about the space first before designing and planting the plants.

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Second design is outdoor home garden. There is nothing difficult to make a home garden outside of your house. You can choose either backyard or maybe in front of your terrace. If you want to make it in front of your terrace, you should make the plants look dense. Design it symmetrical along of the wall, it makes your house looks beautiful, and it looks like French home garden. Home garden design in the backyard is simpler, because the only thing that you have to do is plant many beautiful flowers such as rose, sunflower, and many more. You also have to design it symmetrical behind of your house. That’s all!

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