The Epoxy Garage Floor And Its Advantages

Paint Or Epoxy Garage Floor

There is some confusion about the epoxy garage floor because people tend to think that epoxy is paint. It is the wrong idea as the epoxy is actually the floor coating used for garages. What is the difference between paint and coat? Floor paints are made of latex acrylic and even though sometimes there is a little epoxy added, but it is still paint and it is called the epoxy paint.

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On the other hand, the epoxy coat is the actual thermoset resin. This epoxy coating is made when you mix polyamine hardener with the epoxide resin. The mixture will create the catalyst which can give the strength to epoxy. Another difference is that the epoxy garage floor cost is more expensive that the epoxy paint or standard paint.

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The epoxy garage floor is widely used because it is very durable and it can prevent the flooring from any chipping, stains, chemicals and surface abrasion caused by the everyday’s uses. You would not even have to worry when your children drop their bikes on the garage floor because the epoxy coating will be protecting your floor. The coating is also commonly used for industrial purposes as well as protection on the households’ garages.

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