The Best Way Composite Decking Wood Paint

Classic Paint Deck

You can have a beautiful deck wood with staining the paint in good composite  decking wood paint properly. It is recommended for you to use colorful paint, with good composite paint for deck wood you will get perfect look on your deck surface.

There are some ways that can be followed to composite decking wood paint. First, use a canvas drop cloth to cover and to clean foliage on the surface deck wood surface. Second, place a container then mix up trisodium phosphate with water or TSP. Third, use a sponge to apply the trisodium phosphate or TSP to clean the deck wood. Fourth, when you have finished clean the surface deck wood use garden hose to rinse off the sodium phosphate or TSP and let the deck wood surface to dry. Fifth, use 240-grit sandpaper to sand the deck wood then use grain texture to refine the surface deck and wash it with dust brush or broom. Sixth, stain an acrylic latex exterior primer paint with pouring it in roller tray paint. Seventh, when the primer acrylic has dried now you can stain colorful porch pain to the deck wood. It is recommended for you to satin with different color on your deck wood to get attractive deck wood.

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Those are the ways about how to get best composite decking wood paint to be applied on your deck wood surface. If you like this post you can share it with your friend and hopefully it can be a valuable reference.