Led Under Cabinet Lighting Types All People Should Know

Led Under Cabinet Lighting Direct Wire And Led Under Cabinet Lighting Diy

Installing Led under cabinet lighting is a must for some reasons. Besides giving interesting look to our cooking space, these lighting items will deliver good lighting both for the kitchen area and the cooked meal. Whether you are updating the old one or indeed just starting, knowing what type of this lighting is recommended. Thus, it brings the writer to share some Led under cabinet lighting types that might inspire anyone who are on hunting process.

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The first type to go is called with T4 Fluorescent strips. Having super slim diameter, this type of lighting is expected to brighten the space without taking up many places too. It comes with a half inches diameter so that it fits well to any small sized cabinet space. Thanks for the various bulbs offered by these strips, thus you can choose the best Led under cabinet lighting fluorescent strips that suit to your needs. The color of the lighting is also limitless, giving you the chance to customize the cooking area.

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Puck lights will be added as the next type. It can be said that this type is the most popular one. It has round shape and it needs no hard wire as well as plugged in to operate. This popular Led lighting is generated with battery so that it requires super simple installation. Thus, any kitchens that are not supported with wiring or something might take this Led under cabinet lighting as its solution. At first, most of the lighting use xenon bulbs while these days, it uses led for the sake of efficiency.

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The last type of lighting that you should know is named with LED rope or tape. Offering super sleek body, this lighting is perfect for any cabinetry. On the other hand, this lighting doesn’t give much light as other Led under cabinet lighting types which is why it won’t make your kitchen looks so gaudy. It is also versatile meaning that you might extend the use anywhere else like in bathroom, bedroom, and wherever. Now, after knowing all the types, what type of lighting you want to go for?

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