Led Outdoor Flood Lights Design

Popular Led Outdoor Flood Lights

Led outdoor flood lights – spotlights are an important part of the outdoor lighting of your home. Installation spotlights on the front of your garage will increase the safety of your home by helping visitors and you can see at night. The extra light will also help protect your home from crime. Most projectors come with a sensor that turns on the lights with movement. The process of installing the new lamps is simple and should only take a few hours.

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Turn off electricity to the garage at the circuit breaker in your home. Screw one of the existing outlet boxes in the garage. Push the knockout plug from the top of the extension box with a screwdriver. Run the metal pipe from the electric expansion box to the desired projector placement. Drilling a hole through the wall of a garage with a 7/8-inch diameter of the spade drill and an electric drill. This hole should be located where the led outdoor flood lights will be placed. Run the cable from the metal pipe through the hole in the garage wall. Plug a cable connector to the bottom of a round outlet box.

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Put the spotlight to the round electrical box according to manufacturer’s instructions. Connect the wires by matching similar colors and twisting the bare ends of the wires. A screw nut over the wire ends of the wires. Screw the floodlight in place according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Connect the wires in the electric cable wires into the electrical box inside the garage. Match similar colored wires. Twist together the ends of the threads and thread a wire nut on the ends of the paired wires. Turn on the power to the garage and test the led outdoor flood lights to ensure that they work.

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