Jacquard Curtains And Its Complex Patterns

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Have you ever seen jacquard curtains? It is a type of curtains which has been in demand for those who search for the ones with complex patterns. Actually, jacquard is not the name of a pattern. It is a loom invented by Joseph Marie Jacquard. Thus, it makes curtain of jacquard to be the curtain that is made by using jacquard loom. Furthermore, it often produces complex patterns, like below.

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Brocade and Damask

Brocade and damask is just two patterns that jacquard loom can produce. There are other complex patterns as well. Let’s see about brocade first. Rather than just being complex in its pattern, the writer would say that it is pretty rich too. Why not? Brocade is made in heavy cloth with raised design made by either gold or silver threads. Jacquard curtains with this pattern sure are expensive.

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What about damask pattern then? Damask itself is also made in heavy type of clothes. The patterns woven into it can be anything. However, it is made with the same color as the cloth. It might be hard to notice it from afar, but when you get closer to it, you will see how rich it is woven on a piece of heavy cloth. Jacquard curtains can be expensive too in this pattern.

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