How To Make For Outdoor Baby Swing

Outdoor Baby Swing Seat

Outdoor baby swing – Baby love outdoor swings. Suspended from a tree trunk, a tire swing can be a great option for small fun. And they usually last for many years. Moreover, they can be made ​​at very low cost, using an old car tire. This type of toy also helps baby to work out, since they have to use their legs to give impulse.

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Safety is of paramount importance for any parent to buy or make a swing for your little ones. Use good quality, strong and resistant materials solves half the problem. The balance should be hung on something that is strong enough to support the weight of your baby and swing. The ceiling and large trunks of trees outdoor baby swing would be ideal.

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  1. Choose a car tire steel belts which are not visible.
  2. Wash the tire you will use so that all dirt and grime are removed.
  3. Drill holes at intervals of 15 cm around the tread of the tire that will come in contact with the ground. This will allow water to drain when it rains.
  4. Drill three holes at regular intervals on the tire side bands do you want to serve as the top of the swing.
  5. Spend a nut, a lock washer and a flat washer with a screw eye.
  6. Place the eye bolt through one of the holes in the upper band of the tire.
  7. Passing another pressure plate again, and a flat washer and a nut, the other end of the screw inside the tire.
  8. Repeat Step 8 for the other two holes.
  9. Find a strong, thick trunk that can serve for you to hang the tire outdoor baby swing. The branch should be about 3 feet off the ground.
  10. Place a current of 1.2 m long and 9 mm wide in a garden hose 90 centimeters. This will prevent the tree trunk with the wear of the chain friction. There should be about 15 inches of chain on each end of the hose.
  11. Hang the chain on the tree branch. Secure each end of the chain by using a connector by means of a swivel hook fastener.
  12. Use connector’s hooks to attach a current of 1.5 meters to the eye bolts from its balance sheet.
  13. Hold pieces of garden hose 90 cm to the other end of the hose. This will prevent children from arrest fingers while they are swinging.
  14. Attach the three free currents of 1.5 meters to the rotator ends.
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