Golden Color Of Ring Top Curtains

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Nowadays, some manufactures of the home design especially creating the curtain has developed. Some designs are producing with the effective idea to be installed. One of the ways to make sure that the curtain is hung well is used ring top system. Longer, this is called ring top curtains. Generally, the concept of the curtain is as like as the other curtain. Yet, this is different only from the system of the hanging.

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The hook less

When other curtain uses the hook, this uses the rail spirals of the ring top to hang the curtain or this can be called a hook less. With those rings, the curtains are having some holes 2 inches from the top. Then, to make the curtain have strong enough holding the ring top curtains, the holes must be framed by the metal materials. In the same time, the size of the holes in the ring top of the curtains should be enough with the stick. Then, you can install them on the windows.

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As it suggestion, purchasing ring top curtains should be noticed the material of the ring. Usually, this design is available on the big screen. With that size, sometimes the top curtains of the ring cannot hold them perfectly. As a result, they fall down.

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