Girly Room With Butterfly Curtains

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Some people are pretending their personality on their furniture of home décor, as the same with this condition, if you wanted to give your daughter or kid some good idea on decoration, butterfly curtains may best regarding. It will serve the more privacy for the kids and give them natural idea on the curtain of butterfly design. And furthermore it is really cute to apply on the area.

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Color option for the butterfly curtain

Find the fit item in the market was never easier, there is several considerations to take care about, but for the simple idea is the color or painting of the butterfly curtains. White seems to be neutral and that will not bring some good decision if wanting more colorful on your area but blue and purple color are the finest option for the natural theme that will you applying. Note, flower background on butterfly curtain design is adding more accents on it.

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Other options

Wall and furniture is also impact on your home design especially butterfly curtains. Green wall painting is best option for any butterfly curtains design while it will looks more natural accent in green grass. Table is recommended, put them near by and this will increase the view on the theme while some flower pot on the top is great idea.

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