Fabulous Tips To Anchor A Pergola With Metal Anchor

Pergola Pictures

When you want to install a pergola and to improve your backyard, patio, or deck the first thing you have to consider the area or frame. You also have to consider about how the way to anchor it in right way. This post is special to give you guidance how to anchor the pergola by using metal anchor.

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When you have decided a area to anchor the pergola, dig holes on the ground of one quarter of the length of the supports posts. Then mix and cement with water until it mud like pie, pour it to the holes. To make a strong holder put bolts on the top of the cement with making it comes upward from the cement then let it dries.

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If the cement has dried, now screw metal anchor onto anchor bolts and install posts to metal by using lag bolts. Lifting the beams to assemble pergola on the top of the posts and screw with bolts. Lift the rafters on the beams then slot them to the precut slot. To finish, use wood screws and hurricane clips to attach them to the beams.

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Those are some tips to anchor the pergola with metal anchor, do it with gently to get a perfect pergola. You also can add some improvement after finishing your pergola by planting climbing plant on it to add aesthetic theme. If you like this post you can share it with your friends.

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