Decorate Outdoor String Globe Lights

Outdoor String Globe Lights Solar

Outdoor string globe lights -If you have extra holiday lights lying around, you can turn them into homemade decorative outdoor string globe lights. Since the decorative string lights will be used on a patio, creating them with a floral theme will add a charming and relaxing vibe that complements the outdoors. Although there is a variety of decorative patio string lights are buying, do your own will save money and allow you to customize the type of flower that you want to use.

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Place a length of white or colored outdoor-safe holiday outdoor string globe lights and count how many lights there. Cut as many faux flower buds from their vines as there are light bulbs to be covered, using a pair of heavy scissors. Use scissors to cut off the middle of the knob, in the middle of the flower. Place a ring of hot glue around the opening in the center of the flower, and place it over a light bulb on the string lights.

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Use the tweezers to squeeze the flower to the base of the light so that you do not get burned. Repeat this technique until each preferred lamp is covered with a flower bud. You can choose to either embellish each bulb, every light bulb, or one in three of the four light bulbs. Allow the glue to dry thoroughly before using the decorative outdoor string globe lights on the patio.

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