Creative Ceiling Light Covers To Cover Your Ugly Light Fixtures

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Do you know that you do not need to spend a fortune to update your interior light fixtures? The ceiling light covers glass are indeed beautiful, but sadly, they can be too expensive for homeowners who are on a budget. Today, we will share some creative ceiling light covers ideas that are easy and cheap! These ceiling light covers DIY surely are an exciting way to enhance your interior without having to replace the light fixture as a whole, which can be expensive.

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Your ceiling light covers can be as simple as ones made from beautiful scarf! Yes, this is a classic college-student dorm update you can also steal for your home interior. However, for your safety, make sure this scarf-over-the-lamp trick doesn’t touch the light bulb! Alternatively, you can go for beautiful lace for trimming which is taped in place neatly using nothing other than the inexpensive masking tape. Well, you can even benefit from the beautiful visual show caste when it is dark.

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Who would have thought plastic basket can do really well as one of creatively cool ceiling light covers? Even buying a new plastic basket will not cost you a fortune! Chop off the handles first then create a big X-shaped cut in the base of the basket. This way, the basket can be slotted over your existing light fixture itself.

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Another surprising idea for ceiling light covers can be spotted here. Yes, it is none other than a chopping board to cover that ugh-so-ugly light bulb! You do not even need to buy glass light cover to achieve this look as this flexible chopping board can do the job really well. Bonus: it is even heat resistant too! But if you are looking for more colors for the light cover, what about trying this umbrella turned light fixture idea?

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