Benefits Of Floor Joist Made Of Steel

What Are Floor Joists

There are so many benefits why many people choose the floor joist that is made of steel. The floor joist’s quality is superior compared to the others. It can be rolled precisely. It also has the uniformity in shapes and is so consistent both in quality and also in shapes. Moreover, the steel is so straight that you would not need to worry about it being warped, splinted or knotted.

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Steel floor joist design is strong as unlike the wooden ones, it does not promote mildew or mold and it does not rot. Moreover, it is also impermeable to different insects, vermin and termites. Even though the steel is stronger, but at the same time it is so light in weight. In fact, steel is one of the highest strength to weight ratio compared to the other types of building materials.

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There are still countless advantages of the steel floor joist. One of the best one is that it is fireproof. It is non combustible therefore steel would not add fuel to the burning fire. This means that the fire safety will be increased that the standard local regulations and codes. One disadvantage would be that steel is more expensive compared to the other, but viewing all perspective into consideration, steel is the winner.

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