Aubergine Curtains: Simple Pattern Touch In Whiteness

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Curtains sure can appear in many different colors. If we are talking about aubergine curtains, then what come to mind are purple curtains, right? However, aubergine is often associated with deep dark purple color like in eggplant without any pattern. You can imagine by yourself if you hang deep purple curtain on your window. If you are fine with that, then it is okay. However, you can always choose other designs if you cannot bear the depth of that color.

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Aubergine Trail Leaf Voile Panel

Aubergine Trail Leaf Voile Panel is just one example of aubergine curtains, but this one is not just plain purple curtains you often find being sold in any shop. The difference is that it is made of white polyester. Its transparent thin panel looks pretty when the sunlight from outside coming through it. However, that is not the only thing you can feel satisfied with.

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What make it pretty is the aubergine touch itself for you will see it is designed in the trail leaves. The leaves pattern is made wide apart and it doesn’t look too crowded. To be exact, the leaves do not assemble in one place. Rather, it is made few, but is added by wavy lines that look like fibers. It is simple and might be dominated by whiteness. Even so, aubergine curtains like this are good to provide calmness.

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